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CMASR Special Collections

Segundo de Febrero Papers

archival photoEstablished in  San Antonio, Texas in 1977, the annual Segundo de Febrero commemoration of the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo marks the transfer of Mexico's northernmost territories to the United States of America at the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848. The ratification of the treaty was a watershed moment with profound consequences for people of Mexican descent inhabiting the current American Southwest. The event is organized through a joint venture between nonprofit organizations, namely Amistades and Centro Cultural de Aztlán as well as political groups such as the Raza Unida Party, and features art and literature that reflect on the legacy of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In this collection are materials related to the coordination and administration of the event from its inaugural commemoration in 1977 through 2013 and contains approximately one cubic foot of archival material.





Folder # Date Item
Segundo de Febrero Papers
1 1977 Raza Unida Party
1977 Raza Unida Party
2 1978 Centro Cultural Aztlan
1978 Centro Cultural Aztlan
3 1979 Centro Cultural Aztlan
1979  Invitation
Articles of Incorporation 9-19-1979
Articles of Incorporation
Centro Cutural Aztlan Sponsors
El Alambrazo
Estela Salinas
Local Activities Set
Table of Contents
The Birth of the Chicano
Tita Valencia
4 1980 Centro Cultural Aztlan
3rd Annual Segundo de Febrero
Article- Mexican American Treaty Date Marked
Article- Mural Commemorates Signing of Treaty
Celebracion Dia del Chicano
Centro Cultural Aztlan Sponsors
Comentarios Sobre El Segundo De Febrero
Dr Ortego Welcome
February 1-7 1980 2nd Annual Chicano History in Michigan
Letter- Dr Phillip Gonzales
Letter- Estimada Vangie
Letter- Estimado Alfredo
Letter- Mr Guzman
Mexican American Cultural Center
Public Service Announcement
The Birth of the Chicano
William G Milliken
5 1981 Centro Cultural Aztlan
A New Chicano Tradition
Article-Treaty Anniversary
Chicanos Commemorate Special Historical Days
Commemoration by Dr. Arnoldo de Leon
El Segundo de Febrero A Commemoration
Minutes Centro Cultural Aztlan
Poster- El Tratado Guadalupe Hidalgo
Segundo de Febrero A New Chicano Tradition
6 1982 Centro Cultural Aztlan
5th annual Segundo de Febrero Program
Article- El Pueblo Unido
Bill- Drafted by Ricardo Jasso
El Segundo de Febrero
Letter- Bob Bullock
Live Oak Proposal
One Thousand Years of Chicano History Guide
Third Annual Tribute to Chicano Artists
7 1983 Centro Cultural Aztlan
A Political and Cultural Analysis
Article- Segundo de Febrero will be celebrated
Commemorative Program
House of Representatives Release
Presentation to SAISD Board
Segundo de Febrero is Alive and Well
Speech- J.George Cisneros
8 1984 Centro Cultural Aztlan
A Commemoration- Arnoldo de Leon
A Political and Cultural Analysis- Feb 2 1984
A Political and Cultural Analysis- R Jasso
LULAC National Convention Resolution
9 1985 EMPTY
10 1986 EMPTY
11 1987 Centro Cultural Aztlan
Planning Meeting
Senator Judith Zaffirini Profiles
12 1988 Centro Cultural Aztlan
Article- Committee to eye funding fairness
Article- Senator urge cultural pride
Calendar of Events
Letter from Judith Zaffirini Office
Letter to Jose Garcia de Lara
Letter to Judith Zaffirini
LULAC Arts and Humanities Statewide Committee
Planning Meeting
Steering Committee Letter
13 1989 Centro Cultural Aztlan
Draft Bill Enactment by Senator Zaffirini Establishing Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo Day
CCA, Inc Announcement of Segundo de Febrero Commemoration Day
18 1990 EMPTY
19 1991 EMPTY
20 1992 EMPTY
21 1993 EMPTY
22 1994 EMPTY
23 1995 Centro Cultural Aztlan
Booklet- Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo
24 1996 Centro Cultural Aztlan
Letter to Ricardo Jasso
Sister and Brothers in the Struggle
25 1997 Luz Social Services
Commemoration Day Flyer
Committee Meeting Agenda
Memo- Segundo de Febrero Committee
Protest Rally Flyer
26 1998 Luz Social Services
Article- Arizona Daily Star
Article- Awareness
Article- The Fresno Bee
Consent Agenda
Fax- Flyer
Fax- Proclamation
Fax- Resolution
Fax- to Adriana Gallegos
Fax- to Dr. Aristeo Brito
Fax- to Julia Camacho
Fax- to Lupe Castillo
Fax- to Magdalena Verdugo
Fax- to Raquel Goldsmith
Fax- to Richard Fimbres
Fax- to Salamon Baldenegro
Letter- Mayor of Tucson
Mayor-Council Meeting Agenda
Meeting Agenda
Mexican American War of 1848 Facts
Note- from R Jasso
Note- SDF Tucson
SDF Presenters
27 1999 Luz Social Services
1999 General Comments About the Treaty
Flyer- Dr. Cecilio Orozco
Flyer- SDF Art Exhibit
Flyer- Tucson Youth Honor SDF
La Causa ROSA
Tucson Xicano Mexicano Committee
28 2000 Luz Social Services
Article- White Tiger News
El Segundo de Febrero A Commemoration
Flyer- SDF
Xicano Manifesto
29 2001 Luz Social Services
2001 SDF
Email- to Dr. Ortega
Fax- to Ricardo Jasso
Potential SDF Speakers
SDF Commemoration Reception
SDF Dr. Griswold del Castillo Presentation
30 2002 Luz Social Services
Invitation 2
War's End Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
31 2003 Luz Social Services
Luz de Cultura
SDF Commemoration
Segundo Meeting Notes
32 2004 Luz Social Services
7th Annual SDF Commemoration
Cicatriz de la Tierra Symposium
Folder- 7th Annual SDF Commemoration La Frontera
Letter- to Councilman Jose Ibarra
33 2005 Luz Social Services
A Much Misunderstood Treaty
SDF Schedule of Events
Welcoming Comments
34 2006 Luz Social Services
El Segundo de Febrero Committee- Historical Intro
El Segundo de Febrero Committee
Jose Angel Gutierrez
Man Egee-Segundo de Febrero
Program Introduction
Raul Nino
Segundo de Febrero Chicano Commemoration Day
The Impact of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
The Ninth Annual SDF Commemoration
35 2007 Amistades
A Brave New World Observes October 12th
A Much Misunderstood Treaty
Aztlan Associates
Buenas Tardes Speech
Dan's List
Gracias Ricardo M Jasso
History Repeating Itself-Almost
Intro Ricardo Jasso
Press Release
Raul Nino- Segundo de Febrero
Richard G Santos Bio
Segundo de Febrero Speech
Ten Ways to Creatively Commemorate el Segundo de Febrero in the Classroom
US Spanish Speakers are Fifth
Vocabulary List
36 2008 Amistades
Amistades, Inc. Photos
Amistades, Inc.
Article- La Estrella de Tucson
David Ochoa
Dignitary List
Dinner Registration Form
Networking Cover Story
Presentation Notes
Presentation Slides- Color
Presentation Slides
SDF Commemoration Brief Summary
SDF Commemoration
SDF Program
Statistical Summary America's Major Wars
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
37 2009 Amistades
Article- Celebran SDF
Artwork- Ramon Vasquez y Sanchez
For Immediate Release- Community Commemorates 162 Years of Mexican American History
Historical Overview
Letter- from Victor Manjarrez jr
Prayer- Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Rosa Rosales National LULAC President
SDF Committee Structure and Calendar
Speech- Intro Rosa Rosales
Speech- Notes
38 2010 Amistades
Centro Cultural Aztlan
Consuelo I Aguilar
Essay Winner
Evaluation Results
For Immediate Release
SDF 2010 4th Annual
Sponsorship Opportunities Form
Survey Results Compiled
39 2010 Amistades (Breakfast)
Amistades Agency Description
Arizona's Anti-Immigration Laws
Breakfast Invitation
Donor Breakfast Notes
Letter- to Community Partners
40 2011 Amistades Current Events
Article- Gov Jan Brewer Signs Controversial AZ Immigration Bill
Article- Yahoo News, AZ Gov Signs Bill Targeting Ethnic Studies
San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park
The Aftermath of War (Chicano Point of View)
The Aftermath of War (Mexican Perspective)
Week Activities The Institue for Transformative Education
41 2011 Amistades SDF Dinner
5th Annual Segundo de Febrero Presentation
Dinner Program
El Segundo de Febrero The Striking of the Pens by Ralph Varela
El Segundo de Febrero The Striking of the Pens handwritten
Newspaper Clipping
Rosalva Altamirano Bullock
Speech- Buenas Noches notes
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 Project
42 2011 Amistades SDF-Treaty Workshop ASU Terros
43 2011 Amistades Teacher Symposium
A Living Document
AZ State Museum Symposium
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School- Gadsden Purchase Treaty, December 30, 1853
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School- Message of President Polk, May 11, 1846
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School- Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; February 2, 1848
The Polk Adminstration Causes of the Mexican War
44 2011 Amistades Treaty Project
30 Day Exhibit
Article Exhiben Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo (Spanish)
Article Key Parts of Famed Treaty with Mexico
AZ State Museum Adult Programs list
AZ State Museum Article- Original Pages from Historic Treaty on Display
Comments for Key Parts of Famed Treaty with Mexico
Guardsmark Proposal
Letter from AZ State Museum
Letter from Congressman Raul Grijalva
Media Release
National Archives and Records Adminstration Expenses
Press Release
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and Education
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 Project 30-day Exhibit Costs
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- A Living Document
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Presentation
45 2012 Amistades
Article- Two Overlooked But Related Abuses in Tejano and Manito History- Part One
Article- Two Related Abuses in Tejano and Manito History Part Two
Presentation Segundo Platica Manuel Medina PhD
The Misunderstood Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848
US Congressional Record Documents- NM, AZ, CO, TX
Visual Arts
Welcome Speech
46 2013

Claudia Jasso-Stevens Speech
February 2nd 1848
Happy SDF Speech
Richard Glafiro Santos
Soldadera- SDF Exhibit Centro Cultural Aztlan
Welcome Speech Dr. Michael Brescia