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CMASR Special Collections

Sociedad de Union Papers

archival documentLa Sociedad de la Union was a mutual aid society established in 1886 in San Antonio, Texas.  The mutualista collected dues from its members, primarily men, and used the funds to assist members and their families with medical and other outstanding expenses encountered during an illness or lack of employment.  This collection provides names and addresses of members, minutes, treasurers’ reports.  The records of the society provide a small window into San Antonio’s Mexican American community. These records provide data useful to persons interested in community organizing, health, immigration, labor, and genealogy.


The following provides a broad view of the items held at the Center for Mexican American Studies and Research collections in the OLLU Convent, room 112. Currently there are no transcriptions available for these records.  Interested persons should contact Dr. Jason Paul Bourgeois, Cataloging and Special Collections Librarian for an appointment at or 210-528-7138.




La Sociedad de la Unión, 1886-1980
Box 1
1886 Registro de socios de la sociedad de la union (Member accounts)
1891-1897 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1894-1901 Comunicaiones (Secretary’s Report)
1895-1934 Juicios y puntos constitucionales (Rules committee)
1897 Libro de contabilidad (Account ledger)
1897 Cuenta Particular de miebros [sic] [miembros] de la sociedad de la union (Member account)
1898-1907 Secretaria de relaciones Libro de actas (Minutes)
1899-1927 Libro de entradas y salidas (Treasure’s Report)
Box 2
1901-1906 Secretaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
1902-1912 Reporte querindo [sic] [que rinde] la junta calificadora (Rating Board Report)
1904 Cuenta particular de socios de la sociedad de la union (Member account)
1906–1909 Secretaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
Box 3
1909-1913 Libro de actas, Secretaria (Minutes)
1914-1915 Secretaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
1916-1927 Libro de la junta Calificadora (Book Review Panel)
1916-1919 Secretaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
1919-1921 Libro de Actas Secretaria (Minutes)
Box 4
1920-1935 Libro No2 de tesorería (Treasurer’s Report)
1921-1922 Libro de cuentas de socios (Members account)
1922-1926 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1925-1926 Libro de Asistencia (Attendance) 
Box 5
1926-1929 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1928 Jan 1-1933 Aug 31 Beneficencia Co operativo (Co-operative Beneficiaries)
1928-1934 Registro general de socios (General Member Registration)
1928-1935 Iniciaciones (Membership Roster)
1929-1931 Secretaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
Box 6
1927-1937 Beneficencia Co-operativa y Acta primordial (Social Service cooperative and Constitutional Bylaws)
1930-1943 Fondos (Funds)
1931-1933 Secretaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
1932 Beneficencia Co-operativa de la union (Co-operative Beneficiaries)
1932-1936 Mesa Directiva (Board)
1932-1936 Cláusulas Enmendadas (Amended Clauses) p.75-89
1954-1961 New Members p. 87-119
1932 Jan 25-1932 July 18 Libro de auxilio o enfermos (Report of Help or Illness) Reporte Semanario del Presidente de Sanidad (Health Comity Report)
1934-1935 Los Informes del tesorero (Treasurer’s Reports)
1935-1936 Rentas (Dues and Rents)
Box 7
1933 Sept 10-1934 Sept 10 Beneficencia co-operativa Comité de finanzas (Social Service Cooperative Financial Comity)
1934-1935 Secretaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
1935-1937 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1937-1939 Junta general ordinaria Minuto (Annual Meeting, Minutes)
1937-1944 Beneficencia co-operativa libro de actas (Social Service Cooperative Minute)
1939-1940 Junta ordinaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
Box 8
1940-1945 Junta Extraordinaria Libro de actas (Minutes)
1941 Libros De Apuntes (Notebook of Bank Accounts)
1945-1947 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1947-1950 Libro de actas (Minutes)
Box 9
1950-1953 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1953-1956 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1956-1958 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1958-1961 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1966-1970 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1969 Aug 18-1972-July 31 Libro de asistencia (Attendance Book)
Box 10
1961-1963 Libro de Actas (Minutes)
1963-1966 Libro de Actas (Minutes)
1964 Cuoterly [sic] (Quarterly) Report Book for Texas Emplyment [sic] (Employment) Comm [sic], and Internal Revenue Service For the Used [sic] (use) of Sociedad de la Union
1970-1975 Libro de actas (Minutes)
1972 Aug 7-1980 Aug Libro de asistencia (Attendance Book)
Box 11
1927-1941 Sociedad de la Union Testamentos (Wills)
Box 12
1945-1951 Sociedad de la Union Fallecido (Deaths)
Box 13
1930-1946 Sociedad de la Union Testamentos, Ultima Voluntad y Pago [sic] Pagos de Pólizas (Last will, and policy payments)
Box 14
1927-1941 Sociedad de la Union Testamentos (Wills)