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This law and legal research library guide created by Diane Powell as part of her practicum/ internship in the Summer 2012 semester to finish her Master in Library Science degree through Texas Woman's University.

The purpose of this guide is to provide effective research service to the students and faculty of Our Lady of the Lake University. This library guide has basic as well as comprehensive resources. It is designed to give explanation to the novice researcher and to assist the faculty members and attorneys in their research. However, all patrons should be aware that the librarians of Sueltenfuss Library  can only provide reference service to patrons and cannot provide legal advice, legal opinions, or answer legal questions. The librarians and staff cannot fill out legal forms. 

Reference service consists of helping patrons find and use potential research tools with interpreting or explaining what these tools say or whether they contain the specific information sought. Reference service does not include giving legal advice, legal opinions, or answering legal questions. 

Legal advice consists of interpreting or explaining the meaning of the law and its effect on the user as a particular person in a particular situation. A legal question is generally one that requires interpretation of the Constitutions, case law, statutes, and/ or government regulations, or evaluation of the sources where these are found. The librarians and staff cannot recommend a lawyer to those seeking legal advice. However, patrons seeking a lawyer can contact the following agencies:


St. Mary's Center for Legal and Social Justice 210-431-2596

San Antonio Bar Association Law Referral Service 210-227-1853

State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral Service 1-800-252-9690

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