COUN 6330 Career Awareness, Exploration & Development

SOAP Case Study

SOAP Case Study Research 


Sample Keywords:


career development

career counseling

vocational guidance


Super's approach


You can find the record for Super's 1976 article A life-span, life-space approach to career development here. If you would like full-text access, you can make a Get It 4 Me request here.


SOAP Case Study Instructions


Purpose: You will develop a career case study in an effort to gain in-depth information and understanding of how people make career decisions and construct plans for their future. You will also evaluate the usefulness of the services you provided.


Instructions: Develop a case study of your student/client specific to their career development. Then identify a challenge and research the issue with peer-reviewed sources to provide depth of understanding. APA format is required, so please include a title page, abstract, citations, and references. Please include the following in your case study: 


       A background description using Super's Life Span Model to analyze their personal background (1 source)


 A description of the problem presented in SOAP


The theoretical orientation from which you worked with the student/client


 An outline of the strategies/techniques


 Justification of these methods with research


A rating of the services you provided to the student/client: How useful were the services you provided?


The method of self-evaluation used


 3 things you would have done differently and why


Program Proposal


Program Proposal Research 


Sample Keywords:


research-based interventions

career counseling

student guidance services

student guidance-methods 

school counseling outcomes


House Bill 5 Information (Includes links to requirements): 


TASA House Bill 5 Resources



 Program Proposal Instructions


Purpose: Grant opportunities are important to expanding programming. This assignment allows for program investigation and creativity to address the needs of a particular population. Based on the data collected from your Program Evaluation Interview, you will select from one of your 3 areas for improvement and develop a program expansion proposal.


Option 1: A campus just received a $5,000 grant for career exploration. Based on the data collected from your Program Evaluation Interview, you are responsible for proposing an engaging career experience that will promote an age-appropriate experience in multiple careers. Your recommendation must be based on research, address all grades on your campus, and provide a method of evaluation. Please include:


 3-Tiered Research-Based Interventions (2 sources which include the requirements from House Bill 5)

 Identify the objectives

 Procedural operations for implementation

 Method of Evaluation


 Option 2: A Career Counseling Center just received a $5,000 grant for inter-city career development and reform. Based upon the needs of inter-city applicants and job opportunities, you will propose a variety of job training experiences, workshops to provide career success, and provide a method of evaluation. Please include:


Outline a Research-Based Intervention (1 source)

Identify the objectives

Procedural operations for implementation

Method of Evaluation