PSYC 4483 Research Methods

Choose a Topic


Brainstorm: Make a list of ideas or concepts that interest you. 


Background Info: Do a few quick searches in OneSearch with your ideas to see what's out there. 


Be Flexible: It's a good idea to be open to change your topic based on the research you find. 


Refine your topic: Make sure your topic isn't too broad or narrow. Your topic should include 2-3 concepts.​


Write it out: Create a research statement or question with your topic. 


Define Keywords


Keywords will help make searching easier and more effective. Look at your research question or statement and determine the key concepts. Here's an example:



Research question: What are the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on insomnia in adolescents? 


Keywords: cognitive behavioral therapy + insomnia + adolescents


Related Keywords (narrower/broader): 


cognitive behavioral therapy: behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, rational emotive therapy, problem-solving therapy


insomnia: sleep disorders, sleep diseases, sleeplessness


adolescents: teenagers, young adults, 13-18 years