BIOL 5493 Introduction to Pharmacology

Evaluating Websites

To evaluate a website, use these criteria:

Website Evaluation Criteria

Website Evaluation Criteria

Questions To Answer



When was the website created?

When was the website updated?

How old is the information presented?


What are the topics covered?

Does the website go in-depth concerning the topics?

Does the page include a list of references or links to other sources?


Who is the author?

Is the site for-profit or non-profit?

Is the author an expert or qualified?

Is the sponsoring organization reputable?

Is there a link where you can contact the webmaster?


Are there any errors in the information?

Does the site employ fact-checking for the website?


Is there a bias in the presentation of the information?

Is the website attempting to be persuasive?

Are there any advertisements on the webpage?

URL Domain Challenge