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Assessing Resources


Welcome to support for statistics research and evaluation.  This guide will help you in identifying resources in the library, provide links to valuable resources on the internet, and - we hope - lay a foundation for assessing information through a critical and unbiased perspective.  If you need help in finding, assessing, or citing resources for any assignment, please feel free to contact us.  We're delighted to meet with you in person, by phone, or via Chat services during our reference hours. The library is here for you - let us know how we can help!

Statistical Information

You will be asked to find statistical information and utilize the data in either calculations or as supporting evidence for your arguments. We have organized statistical information access into an easy-to-use guide you can find HERE, or by going to:

Research Starters-Topic Guides-Statistical Information.

line graph cartoon (source: http://lovestats.wordpress.com/dman/)

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