Chicano Movement


Researching the Chicano Movement can be a time consuming process simply because of the complexity of the movement itself as well as the lack of scholarship in libraries of non-research universities. While there has been a growing amount of Chicano Movement scholarship inthe form of articles and monographs, it is difficult for the student of Chicano Studies to have easy access to the appropriate and comprehensive amount of materials.  Therefore, the student may have to utilize interlibrary loan and personal visit to other libraries in order to compile the necessary primary and secondary sources. This guide will assist the student in getting started with Chicano Movement research and provide guidance in locating difficult to find sources.


It is also important to remember that multidiciplinary research outside of Chicano Studies is required when studying the Chicano Movement. The student should also have some knowledge, aside from basic Chicano history, of the African American Civil Rights Movement, the New Left, Democratic Party politics, international revolutionary philosophy and the Vietnam War.


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