Chicano Movement

Online Databases

Using Databases

Scholarly literature on the topic of the Chicano Movement is growing, however much more scholarship is needed. There are many aspects of the movement that are yet to be discovered. Below are a listing of online library databases, free online databases and print indexes you should use for your research. A good researcher will utilize them all in order to "cover all the bases". You will be looking for scholarly articles, magazine and newspaper articles, conference papers, primary documents, oral histories and dissertations. You should never worry aboout whether something is in full text online. The most important piece of information you will need is the citation (i.e. name of article, name of journal, author, page number, volume, year, issn, etc.). Once you have the citation and it is not available online, you can find the item in area libraries or you can request the item thorugh the OLLU Library's Interlibrary Loan Service.

For researching the Chicano Movement in South Texas, The Texas Observer is a periodical worth examining. Indexes to the Texas Observer as well as microifiche to the Texas Observer can be found at the Blume Library, St. Mary's University:

The Texas observer index, 1954-1970, &  The Texas Observer index, 1971-1981 / compiled by Susan Reid and Robert Sindermann, Jr.