COUN 6315 Digital Portfolio

Hello Counseling 6315 Students!

This guide has been custom-made to help you access the materials you need to create your digital portfolio. You will need to use different search tools and techniques to access quality information and you will be guided to different resources for each part of the portfolio. You do not have to use these resources, but they have been selected to make your searches more efficient and effective.

If you have any questions, let us know! -Contact the library (

What to Look For

In these pages, here's what you will find:


Quick Links

Pre-formatted searches or parts of web sites to give you a quick start.


Related Videos

About the content (e.g. Ethics) or how-to tutorials.


Search Tools and Strategies

A short list of search tools appropriate for each topic. Click on the Information Icon for effective search strategies.


Article and Book Search

A quick search option on every page. If you are looking for articles or books, you can always use OLLU's One Search. Other search tools are recommended on each page, as per the topic.


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