CRIJ 2355 Corrections

Criminal Justice: Corrections

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Research Based Assignment

Each student is to compose a written academic paper on rehabilitation strategies. This entails covering what works and what has not worked.  This can include prison management systems from the past to the present as well as programs that are offered for education and for reentry. To incorporate service learning it is recommended that you contact any rehabilitative service program and ascertain information regarding their program and any volunteer opportunities.  Your participation and volunteerism with this agency shall be on your own and outside of the classroom.


You will have to first submit a proposal that will need to be approved. The proposal should include your cover page and how you plan to approach the paper (outline) along with two sources in APA formatting.  See the course outline for the due date.


The paper will be at least five pages in length. Not included will be a cover page and a reference page. Included as a requirement in the paper will be the use of at least 10 references. At least 2/3rds of the references must come from an academic journal or book. Standard APA formatting rules will apply to the paper. The paper will need to be in standard 12 point font.  Do not include any photographs or clip art unless you properly format them in APA style.

Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Students will become familiar with the library webpage and the information listed.

2.  Students will locate the library course guide designed for this class.

3.  Students will locate books and media material using the library catalog.

4.  Students will locate joural articles pertaining to their research topics.

5.  Student will locate and evaluate web sources.

6.  Students will use proper format to cite their references.

Subject Guide

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