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Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX


To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Title IX this coming fall, we will be holding "curriculum disruption" week October 3rd-7th.

During this five-day period, classes across OLLU will be encouraged (but not required) to take a break from their regularly scheduled programming and think about how the class's subject area relates to or has been impacted by Title IX.

This could occur in the format of a class discussion, an assignment, a group project, etc. What is discussed about Title IX is entirely left to the instructor's discretion, and we encourage our community to look at where we have come from with Title IX as well as where we would like to go, our successes as well as our failures.

Given the breadth of Title IX, which protects people from sex-based discrimination in education programs and activities, there really is no university subject that has not been impacted in some way. We would also like to involve university groups beyond classes, such as clubs and teams, to participate in similar ways as well. 

Participants in the curriculum disruption week will have an opportunity to showcase their work at a PechaKucha style event during community hour on November 9th.


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