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Information Literacy Tutorial: Test Link and Instructions

Test Introduction & Instructions


decorative mechanical cogs in a human brain shape



Graded Test Instructions



1.) Access the Graded Quiz

                     or here:




2.) Complete the first page of Student Information

  • Make sure the email address you enter is valid

  • Your grade & completion verification are sent to you automatically



3.) We've added a Save feature

  • Move to page 2 and click "Go to Bookmark"

  • Save your work in the quiz as you go



4.) Can't watch all the videos in one sitting?

  • Your work is saved with the bookmark feature until you complete the quiz.



5.) All Done? Congratulations - your completion verification will arrive automatically in your email

  • Use the link attached to the email to access your grade if you need it



Forward the email to your professor as proof of your completed work.