Fake News & Alternative Facts

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What's this all about?

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What's this about?

Since late 2016, "fake news" and "alternative facts" have, ironically, received a lot of press coverage.

Is this something new?

No. Fake news and alternative facts are nothing new. And, the concern about misinformation is the same we have always had.

Why does this seem different?

Simply because information is being created and consumed faster than ever, every minute of every day and by everyone.

What do we do?

Take responsibility.


Every information creator has the responsibility to check his sources, confirm the facts, use and present information ethically.


Every information consumer has the responsibility to be critical of sources, check the facts and use information ethically.


Each one of us needs to: Think. Ask questions. Be critical. Evaluate. Search, re-search and research. Consider your sources. Define the purpose of the information you are creating or consuming. Understand the harm that can come from misinformation. Be smart. Be ethical. Be responsible. Value truth. Maintain integrity.

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