HIST 5360 Arab World and Islamic Society

Online Tutoring Help

Tutoring on both subject information and writing skills are available 24 hour a day by utilizing the Smarthinking online service. This service is available to all OLLU student and can be accessed by logging into the MyOLLU Portal.

Steps to Accessing Smarthinking:

1. Log into MyOLLU

2. The Smarthinking icon located on the right side of the main menu under the section Application Links

3. Click on the Smarthinking icon

4. Follow instructions to connect with a live tutor, submit an essay or ask questions

A practice whiteboard is available at the bottom of the Smarthinking homepage. If you need help, contact the Smarthinking email customer support at support@smarthinking.com or call (800) 430-7429 ext. 1.