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What is a Peer Reviewed Journal?

You will also be asked to identify and use scholarly, peer-reviewed articles for your coursework. The library provides a variety of online databases where you can identify journal articles. This video will teach you what a peer reviewed articles looks like.


Evaluating Your Resources

As you gather your research from print and online sources, you will need to evaluate the information you have to see if it is appropriate for your studies. When evaluating your sources, ask these key questions:

  • Who is the author?
  • Is the author an expert or qualified?
  • Is the sponsoring organization reputable?
  • Are there any errors in the information?
  • Is there a bias in the presentation of the information?
  • How old is the information presented?
  • What are the topics covered?
  • What methods were used to collect the data?
  • Is there a list of references or a list of further readings?