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Welcome to StudyCon Online Spring 2021!

Wed. April 28, 2021

Providence Blessing Live Stream 6:00PM CST
StudyCon Online Live Stream 6:30PM CST

StudyCon Live Stream will feature interviews with University Ministry, OLLU Wellness, the Library, & The ACE!

Join us to chat about final exam prep, self-care during finals,
understanding your learning styles, and more!


Click here to watch the stream on the 
ACE at OLLU YouTube page & chat with us! 









Math, Chemistry, Accounting, and other tutors are available
in-person for anyone on-campus!




CLICK HERE! Math Clash (Algebra Jeopardy)




CLICK HERE! Accounting Clash (Accounting 1 Jeopardy)


Ask for group tutoring availability and location in the Library Community Room! **




All Content from previous StudyCon Online events is available
on the ACE at OLLU YouTube Channel! 



Spring 2021 Playlist

University Ministry 







Sister Christina on "Resilience"



Blessing from Fr. Kevin



OLLU Wellness Center



Dr. J on Resiliency 






Self-Regulated Learning for Finals - Janet Hupel, Accessibility Coordinator








TimelyCare-telehealth for OLLU Students












Rec Sports





Home Workouts with Kyle 



Yoga Stretches 


Resources & Links Spring 2020 FOR REVIEW

University Ministry


Finals Prayer "Wall"


Let us at University Ministry know when your finals are so that we can pray with you and for you! Each day of your finals, we will send you a prayer related to finals/studying for you to pray with.
Follow this link to a form where you can submit your information:

CLICK HERE for the Online Virtual Prayer Wall








OLLU Wellness Center



Accessibility Services 


FALL 2020 Study Strategies Quiz


"Check Your Learning Style" Quiz


Counseling Services


Spring 2021 Resources





Spring 2020 Resources


Stress Exploration


Relaxation Techniques


Grounding Exercises


Deep Breathing


Health Education




Timely Care Telehealth for OLLU Students





Sueltenfuss Library


Need Help? Reach out to a friendly OLLU Librarian! 


Ask A Librarian




StudyCon Sponsors and Contact Info

StudyCon Sponsored by The Sueltenfuss Library, Academic Advising,  University Ministry, Student Affairs,  
The OLLU Wellness Center, & The Academic Center for Excellence.


Contact us: