English Research Starter


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ENGL 7394 

Scholarship in English

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This guide is intended to help you find information about your chosen topic. We will discuss how to find information through the use of:

  1. Review of the OLLU Library Webpage
  2. Starting with a Google search (focusing on authentication of websites)
  3. The OLLU Book Catalog
  4. OLLU databases
    1. How to find an article using language and literature databases
  5. The Google Scholar Search
  6. What happens when our library doesn't have what you need?
    1. Worldcat.org
    2. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
    3. Texshare Card Program
    4. Citations


Session Objectives

1.  You will successfully locate and evaluate at least 3 articles from the databases covered on the topic you have chosen .

2.  You will successfully search the OLLU library catalog to retrieve resources concerning your research topic.

3.  You will successfully search the Worldcat.org to retrieve resources concerning your research topic through the use of interlibrary loan and/or TexShare.

4.  You will successfully search Google Scholar to retrieve resources concerning your research topic through the use of the OLLU databases and interlibrary loan.

3.  You will successfully create an MLA citation for one of the books, database articles or online resources concerning your research topic using EasyBib or the citation feature located on the EBSCO databases.

  4.  You will successfully formulate an annotated bibliography for the resources you have accumulated concerning your research topic by examining sample bibliographies formats.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search