English Research Starter

Six Guiding Principles

Once you have a topic in mind, develop a list of related terms and ideas to use in your search.

  1. Identify your topic
  2. Identify 2 - 4 key concepts related to your topic
  3. Identify multiple related keywords for each concept


Class objectives

1.  Students will be introduced to resources, most especially journal articles, relevant to STEM fields.

2.  Students will learn special techniques on how to read a scientific journal

3.  Students will successfully search and access resources related to research topic.

4.  Students will successfully search the One Search to find books, articles, videos and more available in this library, electronically, and beyond.

5  Students will understand the benefits of the TexShare Program.

6.  Students will search using Google Scholar and analyze search results.  Students will use Journals Finder to locate journals in the Sueltenfuss Library.

7.  Students will learn about citing resources.