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Our Lady of the Lake University Archives

1963 *Fiesta Mural by Gwen Greene

Fiesta Mural

1963 * Fiesta Mural by Gwen Greene

Gwen Greene artist for the Phoenix - OLLC student newspaper from February 1960 – May 1964.

This drawing appeared in the April 25, 1963 issue of the Phoenix.



1970 *San Antonio's Fiesta Queen ~Gloria Garza!

                                                                                       1970 SA Fiesta Queen Gloria Garza

... is OLLU senior Gloria Garza, a 21-year old student who will represent the city in a number of national activities, including the Tournament of Roses Parade in California on New Year’s Day! She is shown here on the Festival San Jacinto Association float as a star attraction at the Flambeau Parade.

Alumni News. (1970 Spring-Summer). Our Lady of the Lake College Magazine. P.7.





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  • Personal papers of Gibson, Guadalupe (Social Work) 1917-2000; Weniger, Delbert (Biology) 1960-1990; Woods, Sr. Frances Jerome (Sociology) 1922-1992.
  • Scrapbooks, memorabilia, and regalia.
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1926 *OLL Fiesta Queen Loretta Bell


1926 Fiesta Queen Loretta Bell




Our Lady of the Lake University Archives holds a small but varied collection of picture postcards spanning the school’s history.

*Postcard - Student Lounge in Pacelli Hall   *1958

1958 *Student Lounge - Pacelli Hall 

The beautiful and colorful Student Lounge, located in Pacelli Hall, The residence hall at Our Lady of the Lake College, with parlor areas, television section, games area, and kitchenette.

The spacious McCone Terrace, adjoining the lounge, enhances the facilities for social life, always considered important in the total development of the students.

                                                                Information from the back of the postcard