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Our Lady of the Lake University Archives

Subject Guide

1896 *Our Lady of Lourdes


Our Lady of Lourdes

This statue was blessed on May 1, 1896 by Rev. H. Pefferkon, who was assisted by Rev. Fathers Kirch, Wack, and Fuhrwerk. It was placed in an elevated niche above Main Building entrance which is flanked on either side by the building’s towers. 

 The Southern Messenger, May 7, 1896

1977 - Sacred Heart Conventual Chapel Service

Sacred Heart Conventual Chapel Service

Blessed John Martin Moye

Blessed John Martin Moye statue

Guidelines for using OLLU Archives

We are happy you have chosen Our Lady of the Lake’s Archives for your research! The materials here are rich with history and can provide information and context unavailable from any other source. The objects housed in these collections are non-circulating materials, meaning they must only be used inside the Archives. Some of them are in fragile condition and to a great extent irreplaceable, hence we appreciate your help to protect them from damage.

                                 Four female OLLC students on the stair



General Rules

  • Please leave bags and coats at designated area in the front of the Archives.
  • Please sign in and out in the daily visit log each day when entering and departing.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Archives.
  • Please use only pencils for taking notes. The Archivist is happy to provide pencils and paper for note taking.

 Handling the Collection

  • Please make sure that your hands are clean. There is a sink available in the rear of the Archives.
  • Do not lean on books or documents.
  • Never write or trace on books or documents.
  • Be careful when opening books and turning pages; always lift the top corner of the page.
  • Do not use paper clips, rubber bands, post-it notes, or any three dimensional object for place markers. Paper bookmarkers are available from the Archivist.
  • Items in folders should be examined one at a time; please keep the items in order.
  • Do not remove items from their clear Mylar sleeves.
  • Cotton gloves must be worn when handling photographs.
  • When using materials housed in special enclosures, please be sure to put them back in the same way. If you need help rehousing an item, please ask the Archivist.
  • If the item you are using seems too fragile to handle, please ask Archives staff to assist you.


Requesting Reproductions

  • The Archivist can assist you with scanning items if you provide a flash drive to save the images. Please be aware that some items in the collection are too fragile to be scanned.
  • Permission to publish images taken from materials in the Archives must be obtained from the Archivist.



Thank you for your cooperation; following these rules will help us to preserve our collection so that researchers can continue to benefit from the information they contain.



*information about the above photo*

1943 *Beauties on Parade Invite Votes

Candidates for the title of “Campus Bond Queen” and for the privilege of entering the contest for “National Bond Queen” are (l-r) Julia Peterman - Alexandria, Louisiana; Dette Barker – Plaquemine, Louisiana; Mary Margaret (Blondie) Sahm – Okeene, Oklahoma; and Loma Finney – Harlingen, Texas.  Five Hundred Hats. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Beauties on Parade. (1943, March 3). The Phoenix, p. 1..

1959 *Cheerleaders for St. Mary's University

*Cheerleaders for St. Mary's University

Forming a Human Pyramid, cheerleaders for StMU practice their gymnastics. They are Benny Gonales, Addie Novasad, Don Ganter, Al Notzon, Ruthie Mayeaux, and Robert Ekelund.

                                                                                                                                      Cheerleaders for St. Mary University. (1959, November 24). The Phoenix, p. 4.